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Once we started homeschooling our kids, I noticed that they started to struggle more with concentration. In addition to making it hard to get through a lesson, they also lost interest in some of their favorite subjects--presumably because we weren't teaching them as well as their favorite teachers. Fortunately, a friend of ours told us about some great homeschooling educational tools that might be able to help. We invested in some new textbooks and a few updated visual aids, and it made a tremendous difference. Read this blog to find out how to bolster your child's education, even if you teach them at home.



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Bolstering My Children's Education

Pro-Wrestling Careers: 4 Types Of Electrician Jobs You Can Train For

by Fred Peters

Going to an electrician trade school is a great way to learn the craft, expand your knowledge in the field, and prepare yourself for future employment. Before entertaining these training courses blindly, you should consider the type of career you want to have when the training is complete. If you are a big fan of pro-wrestling, then you can enter the business through a number of electrical positions. By understanding the different jobs that are available, you will have the ability to focus your training and choose courses that fit your needs. Browse through four different pro-wrestling electrician jobs to get a clear idea of the training that you will need.

Lighting Electrician

Pro-wrestling companies like the WWE use all kinds of lights to illuminate the ring, entrance stage, and other elements of a live broadcast. An electrician can help wire lighting, provide proper power needs, and ensure that the lighting works using optimal performance and power. Through a training course or trade school program, you can focus on all types of lighting classes. The basics of these classes will teach you about different types of bulbs, functions of lighting, and proper wiring for various lighting setups. Additional courses will teach you how to measure power loads, circuit breakers, and the testing of various pieces of equipment. This type of training will help you advance in the field and be able to guide crews through different lighting setups. As each new wrestling event is set up, you will be able to manage the lighting power properly and prevent any mishaps from occurring.

Studio Electrician

While a lot of pro-wrestling action takes place in the ring, there is numerous footage shot on studio stages. Some of these stages are set up backstage at arenas and others are a permanent part of office locations for pro-wrestling companies. If wanted, you will have the ability to learn the skills it takes to become a studio electrician. This type of electrician is similar to a movie-set electrician and has a lot of the same duties. Wiring and power management are two of the important skills to focus on through electrician trade school courses. In the studio environment, you will be responsible for wiring lights, cameras, microphones, and other electronics like viewing monitors. Not only do you have to properly manage the power, but you must keep things organized so that it is easy to adjust and change things without creating an electrical mess. Trade schools can help teach you organizational skills.

Pro-Wrestling Setup Crew

When a pro-wrestling event is scheduled for an arena, there is a large process needed to get the whole stage and ring ready for use. Electricians are typically a large part of this process. By getting this position, you will have the ability to travel on the road with pro-wrestling companies and help set up stages and electrical designs at venues all over the world. Through your electrical training, it's important to focus on electrical rigging, circuit breaker wiring, and the detailed use of electrical fuses. By learning the large scope of your job duties, you will have the ability to join a crew of other electricians and work together to put on an entertaining show every night.

Arena Electrician

If you are not interested in traveling, then you can seek an arena electrician job. This job allows you to work at a single arena location. Along with assisting for pro-wrestling shows, you will have the ability to work on other arena shows like concerts and large-scale stage productions. As an arena electrician, a lot of your courses should focus on electrical maintenance. This includes repairing wiring, replacing fuses, and performing a variety of tests to ensure that everything runs smoothly. This learning can help qualify you for the job and allow you to run the electrical grid at an arena. When clients arrive, you will coordinate with traveling electricians and help with any needs that they may have.

Planning your courses ahead of time is a great way to take advantage of the learning experience and get the most of your time in trade school. Check out a school like HVAC Technical Institute for more info.