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Once we started homeschooling our kids, I noticed that they started to struggle more with concentration. In addition to making it hard to get through a lesson, they also lost interest in some of their favorite subjects--presumably because we weren't teaching them as well as their favorite teachers. Fortunately, a friend of ours told us about some great homeschooling educational tools that might be able to help. We invested in some new textbooks and a few updated visual aids, and it made a tremendous difference. Read this blog to find out how to bolster your child's education, even if you teach them at home.



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Bolstering My Children's Education

3 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Preschool

by Fred Peters

Are you the parent of at least one young child? Is it time to decide exactly which preschool that he or she will be attending? There are thousands of different preschools across the whole country and there may be dozens in your area alone. This can make it difficult to decide which ones should be skipped over and which one your child will be attending. Instead of simply choosing the one that is nearest to your home or to your workplace, here are some questions to ask in order to help ensure that you choose the best possible preschool for your child:

Is there gendered play? Although not universally true, many girls will naturally want to play with dolls and similar toys while boys will want to play with cars and action figures. There is nothing wrong with allowing children to play with toys like this. The problem comes when your son wants to play house with the girls or your daughter wants to play superheroes with the boys. While it's becoming less common by the day, it's still not unheard of for certain preschool programs to discourage or even actively prohibit children from playing with toys from the "wrong" gender. The best preschools will allow children the freedom and creativity to play how they want, so long as nobody is being injured in the process.

What educational background do the teachers have? Some preschools are little more than daycare programs. There's nothing wrong with daycare, per se, but you probably expect more from the preschool programs that you're considering. In the best preschools, most or all of the teachers will have graduated from actual teaching programs. It may be okay if the aides or some of the other staff don't have education degrees, but the actual teachers should have graduated with relevant degrees.

How are toilet training accidents handled? Some preschool programs will require your child to be fully potty trained before they can attend, while others are able to assist with the training process. Regardless of which type your child ultimately attends, accidents aren't exactly uncommon. A good preschool will have plans in place to handle the inevitable accident. Part of this will require you keeping a change of clothes at the preschool for use in such a situation. Knowing how these types of issues are handled will help you to better choose a preschool that is right for both you and for the needs of your child.

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